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Tropocells® Pure PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) is an autologous
polymerised fibrin scaffold consists of large quantity of
platelet cytokines, growth factors and chemokines.

Tropocells® Pure PRF  creates a fibrin scaffold with which the growth factors and other bioactive materials interact to stimulate the healing process. The Tropocells® pure PRF is generated following platelets activation which are trapped in this matrix. PRF is used to promote wound healing, bone regeneration, graft stabilization, wound sealing and haemostasis.

Tropocells® pure PRF advantages over the common PRF methods include, among others, ease of preparation/application, minimal expenses and lack of biochemical modification (no bovine, thrombin or anticoagulant is required).

A simple and fast preparation method.

Tropocells® pure PRF is prepared by taking either a 12ml or 23ml blood from the patient, then separating platelets from Red Blood Cells and Granulocytes via centrifugation. The clot that is formed is placed on the surface of a wound or is packed into a cavity or sinus.   Platelets will be formed in a PRF matrix. As the clot dissolves, growth factors and other bioactive components in this milieu of autologous material are released. The Tropocells® PRF is generated without the addition of activating substances.


Collect blood directly into Tropocells® Pure PRF vacuum tube containing separation gel


Immediately Centrifuge
for 15 min at 1500g


Gel sperarates plateles from RBC and
granulocytes. platelets are formed in
a PRF matrix


Enter a spatule to collect the PRF matrix


PRF is ready to use

The PRF Process

Treating the wound site with Tropocells® Pure PRF helps:

Main applications of Tropocells® pure PRF

Chronic Wounds
Acute Wounds
pure PRF

Membrane Preparation