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Cellenis® PRFM (Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix) is a fibrin gel matrix that is derived by
combining Cellenis® PRP with autologous thrombin. Cellenis® Thrombin Rich Serum (TRS) is a major byproduct of Cellenis® PRF.

PRFM produced by PRP activation with TRS, provides a flexible platform that enables control of PRP concentration. Platelet concentration of at least one million/microliter is considered therapeutically effective. The platelet concentration affects the matrix viscosity and different growth factor release patterns. PRP activation with autologous thrombin shows an immediate release of PDGF and TGF that remains stable over time. VEGF demonstrates an increasing trend from 15 minutes up to 24 hours. PRFM platform enables also the control over the matrix diameter.

Why Cellenis®?

Cellenis® accelerates bone and soft tissue formation
  • Better stability of grafted tissue
  • Faster vascularization
  • Increases tissues generation due to growth factors release
  • Improves and hastens healing and regeneration; including epithelial wound healing – recovery is nearly 6 times faster
  • Jump starts osteogenesis
  • Faster preparation of implant site
Cellenis® seals the wound from infectious agents
  • Lower infection risk which helps to avoid further inflammation, complications, pain and post-operation discomfort
  • Decreased pre/post-operation bleeding
Cellenis® requires small amount of blood
  • Safe and convenience
  • No risk of rejection being an autologous material

Cellenis® system advantages:

  • Quick and Simple
  • Single 10 minutes centrifugation to obtain pure PRP
  • 10-20 minutes centrifugation to obtain pure PRF, without red blood cells and granulocytes
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Enables PRP concentration by simply withdrawing the PPP
  • Unique sizes of tubes:
  • Cellenis® PRP 11ml and 22ml
  • Cellenis® PRF 12ml and 23ml
  • Closed system
  • FDA approved (510K for orthopedic applications)
  • CE approved (class IIb)

PRFM Preparation

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